This is too long overdue…

This is too long overdue...

I always tell myself that I’m going to be a good doobie and write lots of stuff and have an active blog but I always find myself forgetting to write. Well, it’s been a long, hot summer and it’s starting to wind down. I can’t believe it’s August already! I’ve had a an absolute blast this year taking the reins (haha, see what I did there?) on three major show circuits on my own. Many thanks to Course Brook Farm, Apple Knoll Farm, and CRDA for welcoming me with open arms.
I will be updating in the following weeks about some of my adventures this summer (which includes Chincoteague pony pennings, as always) but I just wanted to share about my own two ponies.

Teaguer was my first pony. A little “white” (obviously light palomino) foal that we purchased at the 2002 Chincoteague pony auction. He was a smart, smart boy right from the beginning. He quickly figured out how to test the electric fence with his whiskers to see if the power was off. If it was, he’d rip it down. Obviously not the best of behavior but it certainly says something about the intelligence of the breed. He ended up being quite small – maxing out at 13.2 hands. We made a tough choice and sold him to a local home, realizing that he had what it took to be a top hunter pony but my sister and I were much too big for him. He went on to have a very successful career in the local circuits until disaster struck when he foundered badly. It was such a bad case that his owner was pressured to put him down by several vets. Luckily she and his main vet recognized his fighting spirit and fought to keep him comfortable. He has since made a full recovery and is absolutely sound today. This past spring, his owner suddenly sold her house after several years on the market (gotta love the housing market crash!) and suddenly had to make some quick desicions. Luckily, she immediately reached out to me and offered him back to me. Obviously I couldn’t say no, and Teaguer is once again part of the family.

Hershey was purchased at the 2003 Chincoteague pony auction. His sire and dam were the two tallest ponies on the island and he was a leggy chestnut boy with a jaunty blaze. We had realized at that point how small Teaguer was going to be and wanted to get a pony we KNEW we would be able to ride and compete. Hershey was always the more awkward of the two – we always joked that he was nerdy and needed to grow into himself. Well, it took almost 7 long years, but he finally blossomed into an amazing eventer. He ended up topping out at an amazing 15.1 hands and was the perfect size for me. From ages 3-7 I did exclusively dressage on him. He always seemed rather bored in the ring and I felt bad making him go around in circles. Then the opportunity arose to send him to a dear friend in Virginia to give him a taste of eventing. I figured he’d be there for about a year, learn to jump some, and then I’d bring him home. Well, he has turned out to be an absolute rockstar. He is a cross country machine and will jump pretty much anything. In the span of two years he’s gone from not jumping anything at all to rocking it at Novice. We think Training is absolutely in his future!
Obviously I’ve got a little bit of a thing for Chincoteagues but I just think they’re a really underrated breed.

Now you know who you’re helping to support when you purchase photos from me! 🙂

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