First show of the season!

First show of the season!

I always like the first horse show of the season, even though it’s usually the coldest. Sure, it’s chilly and early and you’d really like to have slept in about an hour longer, but horse shows, from the smallest to the largest just have an atmosphere of excitement. Something about the air just smells different at a horse show, don’t you think?

My first show of the season was the Course Brook Farm 2-Phase. Course Brook is a beautiful facility comprising of acres and acres of land – something of a rarity in the congested metrowest of Boston. I always enjoy going there because of the gorgeous views and lovely people.

Yesterday’s show was a bit on the smaller side. It’s the type of show I’d love to bring Hershey to if he were up here as a nice warm up for the season. The competition was good – you could tell everyone was aching to get out and test the things they’ve been working on over the winter.

We even had a little bit of excitement throughout the day! A couple deer decided to move through the woods next to the stadium ring as stadium was going on eliciting some theatrics from a couple startled horses (I think if Hershey were there he’d be jumping over the fence to go make friends…then he’d spook at the shadows of the jumps in the ring or something). After the deer moved on, there was some MAJOR excitement as some people noticed there was sky-writing going on. It seems that some enterprising young person was asking a date to prom through contrails in the sky! Of course to me it looked more like it said, “Pom?” but we were quite a bit off and to the side. I hope that the intended recipient said yes! That is quite a lot of effort to go through to be rejected! And finally, the many of the horses were feeling quite frisky in the brisk wind and were having quite the blast tearing around their paddocks. I don’t blame you, kids, I’m pretty excited about spring coming too!

Overall it was a great day. Thank you Course Brook Farm for hosting a lovely event and allowing me the pleasure of photographing! You can view all of the photos here

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